Sunday, April 11, 2010

Week 29, Day 2: The Good, Bad and Ugly

ODD Block Schedule: pH lab

GOOD: I chose to do this lab as a follow-up to the Alien Juice bar lab-logical lesson planning.

BAD: I chose to the Alien lab two weeks earlier than optimum as a nice easy comfy pre/post Easter break activity-survival tactical lesson plan. Good survival tactic, bad pedagogy stratagem .

UGLY: Sometimes you need to adjust. I'd do it again too.

In the pH lab I have nice common houshold chemicals and food that is to be tested with litmus paper and pH paper.  They also get to play around with 3 liquid indicators and add diluted vinegar (50% water) and dilted lye (90% water). Lab sheet is on my website for you to download.

I hope this helps.

Love to Teach, and Teach with Passion!

It’s not Magic, It’s Science!

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